For Mammals, Fish & Birds

Patent pending

Beams and Fleshes (Shaving) Mammal Skins Cleanly without Grabbing or Pulling, Including Delicate Areas Such as Lips, Eyelids and Noses of Mammals


Warranty is valid only when The Razor’s Edge Beaming and Fleshing Machine is purchased directly from “The Razor’s Edge. LLC”. The original receipt must accompany all warranty work. This warranty is not transferable.

We offer a one-year limited warranty, which covers the Razor’s Edge Beaming and Fleshing Machine . This one-year limited warranty will only be honored when purchased from “The Razor’s Edge LLC”.

This warranty covers The Razor’s Edge Fleshing and Beaming Machine against manufacturing defects in material or workmanship.

No refunds will be given, only machine credit.


Damage due to misuse and abuse such as:

1. Dropping

2. Loose motor

3. Rattling noise etc.

4. Foreign Objects lodged inside machine

5. Incorrect voltage supply

6. Neglecting safety precautions

7. Attaching accessories not approved by The Razors Edge LLC

8. Shorts or cuts in power cords

9. Tampering such as a repair or attempted repair by unauthorized party.

10.Neglect or lack of proper maintence such as, lack of oil in housing, not oiling the bronze brush at the top of the blade tube.

11.Damage to cord or foot switch

Please be advised, the improper use or maintenance of your Razor’s Edge Beaming and Fleshing Machine can result in personal injury. It is important to follow the safety and care and use instructions. Failure to do can void the warranty.