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Cleaning the Machine

The "Razors Edge" beaming and fleshing machine was designed and manufactured with a food grade stainless steel blade assembly. This makes cleaning easier and eliminates corrosion and the problems that come with it.

When cleaning the blade assembly first loosen the (3) blade screws. The blade screws are very small so we recommend you do not remove the blade screws completely because this will increase your chance of losing one. Remove the blade carefully. We recommend using gloves or pliers to handle the blade safely. Also remove the blade mounting plate by just loosening the three (3) screws. Do not remove them. Next remove the blade guide by using an allen (hex) wrench to loosen and remove (2) hex nuts and the upper clamping collar. Use any household grease cutting cleaner to clean all parts. The lower clamping collar can be left attached during the cleaning process.

If the "Razors Edge" beaming and fleshing machine is not going to be used for an extended period of time we also recommend removing the blade rod tube along with the previously mentioned parts. By removing the two hex bolts at the flange base of the blade rod tube you can slide the blade rod tube up and off the blade rod. Clean blade rod tube with bore brush provided. Wash all parts separately. All parts removed from the cutting blade assembly can be put in a dish washer or washed by hand. The blade rod cannot be removed from the machine but can be wiped off with clean cloth with household grease cutting cleaner.  (IMPORTANT)

Prior to re-assembly re-Lube the bronze bushing in the top of the blade tube with (4) or (5) drops of machine oil. Also wipe a small amount of machine oil at upper part of the blade rod where the bushing tracks. Also clean the polyethylene work surface with any house hold grease cutting cleaner. Keep your beaming and fleshing machine clean and it will provide you with many years of excellent service. If the brush bristles start to become bent from extended use they can easily be reconditioned by holding the bristles over steam. This will return them to their original shape. When doing this we strongly recommend using an oven glove to protect your hands from being burned by the steam.


Use a commercial household grease cutter or make your own.

Vinegar and lemon have natural grease-cutting properties and if combined

with some other items can destroy grease.

Natural Lemon Grease Cleaner

Squeeze the juice from two lemons into a bowl.

Add ½ cup of vinegar.

Add a small amount of borax.

Blend together. Use a pad or scrub brush with this grease cleaner.

Natural Sudsy Grease Cutter

Add 2 ½ tablespoons of washing soda together with ½ teaspoon of vegetable oil-based liquid soap.

Add 3 tablespoons of vinegar to the soapy solution.

Slowly pour two cups of hot water over the mixture and blend it together.

Put the grease cutter into a spray bottle and use it like any commercial cleaner.