For Mammals, Fish & Birds

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The "Razors Edge" beaming and fleshing machine represents the latest in technology for taxidermists. The "Razors Edge' is a very user friendly machine that provides excellent controllability and a very smooth shaving action. The excellent controllability allows a taxidermist to maintain a high level of quality in preparing all hides and skins. It will do delicate work with no pulling, tearing or grabbing thus minimizing hide or skin damage. Its operational characteristics make it much safer and easier to work with compared to a circular blade machine.

The machine comes with (2) straight edge blades: a surgical stainless steel and a high carbon blade, (1) serrated blade, (3) brushes-soft, firm and stiff and (1) scraper blade.

The straight blades are used for general beaming and fleshing of mammals. The serrated blade can also be used for general beaming and fleshing of mammals but is meant primarily for heavy hide beaming and fleshing. It is also suited for beaming cartilage such as you find in wild boar.

When beaming fish the brushes, scraper and straight blades can be used depending on the fish and the  taxidermists choice. The brushes are used primarily for birds, however the scraper can be used depending on the bird. , When the brushes and scraper are used the guide need not be removed.  The high carbon blade was included for comparative purposes with the surgical stainless blade. We leave it up to the taxidermist to choose. The surgical stainless steel blade and high carbon blade are both easily re-sharpened by the user and inexpensive to replace.

The "Razors Edge" beaming and fleshing machine was designed and manufactured with a food grade stainless steel blade assembly. This makes cleaning easier and eliminates corrosion and the problems that come with it.

The "Razors Edge" beaming and fleshing machine's great versatility and precision will enhance and contribute much to a taxidermist’s artistry.


Beams and Fleshes (Shaving) Mammal Skins Cleanly without Grabbing or Pulling, Including Delicate Areas Such as Lips, Eyelids and Noses of Mammals

See instructional video here

Fleshing a Deer
Fleshing a Bird and a Fish